Dragonfly earrings

On our vacation to Colorado a few weeks ago I never got into a large project, just several small ones.  After the zipper pulls it was earrings.  I had picked up these cute dragonfly beads somewhere and had thought to bring them along, just in case.  The Autumn Spice thread that I used for the zipper pulls just wasn't working for earrings as they were a bit too small for the colorway - when a pair was done they didn't look like they went together if you weren't careful about where you started.  So I switched to Victorian Red.

Dragonfly earrings Lizbeth #670 Victorian Red size 20

I had brought a variety of things with me, hooks, jump rings, beads.  I brought silver beads, silver jump rings - and copper earring hooks.  Oh, well, they are for me so I used them anyway.

After we got home I tried out another idea with the dragonfly beads.  I think these came out pretty good, too.  But even at home I couldn't find the silver earring wires.

Leaf and Dragonfly earrings Lizbeth #684 Leaf Green Medium size 20

I'm sill looking through all the pictures we took on our trip (we took a lot of them).  Here's several from an excursion to find Stillwater pass.  It is so insignificant a pass we can't find it on the map, but there is a 'Stillwater Pass Area' and it was beautiful while we were there.

View of Granby Lake

We stayed at Mountain Lakes Lodge, which is between Lake Granby and Grand Lake.  The cabin had three bedrooms, each with their own theme.  Ours bedroom's theme was birds/birdhouses.  

I didn't get a good picture of it, but there was a picket fence all around the room.

The Lodge is not on any of the lakes but on the canal that goes between Lake Granby and Shadow Mountain Lake.  They - the locals and the proprietors - say there is usually good fishing in the canal but there wasn't while we were there.  In fact, there weren't very many people catching anything that week, but we didn't go there just for the fishing so it wasn't too much of a problem.  We just found other things to do, like admire the trees and watch for wildlife.

"Keep close to Nature's heart... and break clear away, once in awhile, and climb a mountain or spend a week in the woods.  Wash your spirit clean."
John Muir

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