Workbasket Cross Bookmark

While doing some cleaning - okay, consolidating things from multiple boxes into one box - I came across this pattern from Workbasket magazine.  Although I have several things I could be working on I decided to make it instead. This is a simple ring and chain pattern using only one shuttle and ball of thread.  As I had Victorian Red on a shuttle already I chose this color. 

The first thing I did was write out the pattern in my shorthand.  I have followed many patterns written in long hand from Workbasket but I much prefer something a little easier to follow.  Writing it out gave me where it started and stitch counts.  The stitch counts of all rings and all but a few chains are the same throughout the pattern which makes it an easy tat, just have to remember to look where the joins are. 

Lizbeth #670 Victorian Red size 20
Tatted Cross Bookmark
From "The Workbasket Magazine", February 1987

The only part of the pattern I don't like is the flower at the top.  I've read the instructions several times and as far as I can tell it doesn't tell you how you are supposed to attach it to the chain so I just did what I thought would work and I'm not happy how it came out.  I am thinking of cutting it off and doing something else on the end instead.  We'll see.

This has not been blocked and it lays a little wonky, but I think putting it in a book for a little while will tame it without doing anything more to it except make sure it is adjusted correctly right before the book closes.

I think if I make this again it will be with a few changes besides the flower.  Making those extra short chains at each corner looks good but it makes a lot of ends to hide!

"Cleaning is just putting stuff in less obvious places"

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