I have a confession to make.
I hate cleaning. 
I would rather watch tatting dry than clean the house.
And I'm not a neat person, making my house somewhat cluttered.  

So when I do clean house it takes a lot of time.  (I keep telling myself I'm going to do better, pick up things more often - but it hasn't happened yet.) We don't have people over often  - we would probably keep the house up better if we did - so when we plan to have company we have a lot to do.  Then it comes down to the wire and I start putting my clutter in boxes so I can stash them out of the way in a hurry, thinking, of course, that I'll go back soon and take care of all of it when the company is gone.  

What usually happens is most of it stays in the boxes and I start the clutter all over again.  Those things I thought I was using/needing are replaced by other things.

Yesterday I was going through a box of such things when I came across a couple of pattern books I knew I had but couldn't find.  Yea!

The "Tatted Animals" book by Inga Madsen I had purposely purchased to have patterns suitable for boys - what boy doesn't like animals of some sort?  I have already started a project out of it, though it's not for one of the boys, it's for a niece 

Also in the box were these note cards I made probably twenty years ago, possibly more.  They are large, unlined index cards - 5" by 8"? - folded in half.  The thread used is DMC size 8 in various colors, the only thread I could find at the time that came in so many colors.  I wasn't much of an artist with these, but I was guaranteed that the recipient wouldn't be getting cards like these from anyone else.  And they would know who it was from.

There were a lot of other things in the box that I had been looking for.  I kick myself sometimes for how unorganized I am.  I really, really need to start putting things away better.

I also need to start spending less time on social media and the Internet in general.  I get sucked in and spend more time there than I plan to.  But, the other day while on Facebook there was a suggested article, you know, one of those that pops in that are chosen for you based on what you've read or searched for, from, which I found interesting. And it mentions tatting by name!

Celina Anzalone, 2264 First Ave. making lace for Cappallino's factory near by. (Library of Congress)
Picture from
11 Skills Your Great-Grandparents Had That You Don't

That's only 10 skills for us tatters!

For myself, better housekeeping should probably be on this list of skills I don't have.

"Housekeeping is like being caught in a revolving door."
Marcelene Cox

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