Ramblings on Tatting Tea Tuesday

Believe it or not, I've actually finished the cross bookmark pattern.  For once everything went smoothly while I diagrammed it, and it was even finished a few days ago.  I've added the pattern to My Patterns page. Look for "April's Cross Bookmark".  

I've started a couple of new projects this week but neither are to a point I want to share them yet.  This is becoming a very busy month with several birthdays, Mother's Day, and graduations to find gifts for.  I actually found the cross bookmarks I had lost - I'd put them in a safer place, where I could find them. Sure.  But they are found so I don't have to rush so much for the graduations.  The birthdays are something else.  Not sure how those are going to go. 

This morning while I drank my tea (Twinnings of London's Pure Peppermint Herbal Tea) I was sitting in the front yard enjoying the day before it gets really hot and watching the barn swallows try to get me to leave.  They have a nest on the side of the house and were trying to distract me from it. I wish I could have gotten a picture of them but they fly and dart around pretty fast.  Also sharing my front yard today was a rather large turtle.  He was going through the tall grass (we need to mow) and I almost didn't see him.  He was at least 12 inches long - around here, that's a pretty big turtle.  What he was doing so close to the house I don't know. I went back a little later and he had moseyed on to where ever he was going. Hopefully out of the yard, as my husband is supposed to mow tonight.

As I don't have much tatting done this week I thought I'd share with you an edging I did a long time ago from thread my got from my grandmother.  She had some crocheting left on the ball, which will remain forever unfinished.  But I made a tatted edging for a napkin with it, which will always make me think of her.  She gave me the teapot when I was a little girl.  It presided over many tea parties over the years.  One day I hope to use it at a tea party with my granddaughter.

Tea parties with grandmother - happy memories in a teapot.

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