Tat and chat

Back in June I taught the basics in a tatting class to a couple of ladies from Wichita.  I'm very pleased that both have kept up with it and are enjoying it a lot.  We've communicated by email several times and thought it would be fun to get together again.  The timing finally worked and we met at Cheryl's house last week.

Me, Cheryl and Erica

Cheryl has made several lovely bookmarks and is working on another; Erica is working on a gift for a friend.   I'm impressed with their tatting, they are both doing a great job!  We talked patterns, threads, techniques, and shuttles.  They each had a list of questions to ask, which I hope I was able to answer satisfactorily for them.  It was a fun visit which I'm hoping we'll be able to do again sometime.

I hate to say it but the above photo is the only one I took (!).  I was going to take one of some of their work but got side-tracked by the conversation.  Time seemed to go by much to quickly!

Can you believe it?  I still haven't touched any more of my new thread yet. I have yet another project with a deadline that I am hurrying to meet.  If I hadn't gotten sick last weekend, and had a different schedule all week, I would have been able to proceed in a more relaxed manner.  But now I'm in a rush again.  And of course I couldn't just choose an existing pattern, mine or someone else's - no, I had to go and try something new. Again!  You'd think I'd learn, especially when there's a deadline, but I do this to myself time and time again.  I guess I like taking the chance that it will all work out.  And in time!

Lizbeth #149 Peacock Blues size 20.

Thank you to all who wished me health this last week.  I do feel a lot better, though now it seems to have morphed into really bad allergies with just a reminder now and then that colds hang on awhile.

"I fear the boredom that comes with not learning and not taking chances."
Robert Fulghum

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