#9 - I think

In my current 25 Motif Challenge

I've been making things, even challenging things, but haven't been counting them for the Challenge.  I looked  through my previous posts and I think I'm ready for #9.  
That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

 Lizbeth #626 Shell Pink Light size 20

The center of this piece is made of stone.  I picked several up at Odd Balls Yarn Shop in Newton, KS.  Each of them is unique in coloration because they are stone.  I used this shade of thread because the stone has the same shade in it.  But then the whole thing looked really washed out against all the backgrounds that I tried it on even though the thread and stone look great together.  Then I tried it against this button, which I also got from Odd Balls. This button is almost the length of a Clover shuttle across (I was going to take the picture with a shuttle beside it and forgot) - a very large button.  I'm going to glue the tatting to the button and try it as a pendant.  Or maybe a brooch.  I'll get back to you on that.

Lizbeth #122 Caribbean size 20

My daughter has returned a verdict on the bracelet I gave her to try - she likes it.  The only trouble she's had is the closure, so that might have to change.  But as the overall bracelet works I've started another, this time with purple buttons.  I'm liking the looks of this one.   I also picked up some new buttons that I think would look really cute in a bracelet.  Now to pick out just the right color thread for each.  A challenge I look forward to!

"A challenge only becomes an obstacle when you bow to it."
Ray Davis

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