The trouble with Angels

I've been thinking for a while now about making a material angel with tatted wings.  I finally sat myself down and did it. 

I started with the wings, which would determine the size of the rest of the angel. I had two shuttles already wound with Lizbeth white size 20 thread so I could just get started with my idea for wings.  They were turning out pretty much as imagined when I noticed something a little odd.  They already looked a little dirty.

No, I had clean hands, just two colors of thread.  What I had thought were two shuttles with color #601 white, in reality were one of #601 and the other of #602 Natural.  Things were going so well and I was so far along that I decided I wouldn't stop but keep going, so finished the wings.  

Then it was on to the body, which I made of denim from a pair of jeans.  I spent a lot of time cutting down the material to the right size and getting it shaped into the body.  For as small as this is, the denim was hard to work with.  Instead of sewing the back together I used fabric glue.  Then I had to get the neck just right so it looked good with the head bead.  Again, if I had used a lighter weight material it would have been easier.

The front tatted piece is a circle, attached to the wings in the back, which are glued to the body.  I left a twisted picot back there - I'll have to work on that. The simple rings and chains at the bottom of the skirt are glued on, which also helps to keep the denim from fraying without a hem. The halo is a tatted ring with an outside round of chains with beads, which makes it pointed. This halo is not the first one I tried, but about the third or fourth.

The finished size of this angel is about four inches tall.  The body is stiff enough that it can stand by itself, but then the head falls off because it's on the thread but not held tight to the body.  I think I need to find another way to keep it there, whether a knot or a touch of glue.  The wings aren't stiffened but they might need to be.  I'll be watching to see if they start drooping. 

Yes, I'm lazy and used glue instead of sewing the tatting on.  This is a prototype and I just wanted to get it done. I learned a lot doing this one, things to do differently next time and things to do the same.  If it was for someone besides myself I might - maybe - sew on the tatting.  Time will tell. Overall I'm happy with my angel. I'm just hoping the next one - when, if - doesn't take so long!

I'm call this #8 of this round of the 25 Motif Challenge.  It was quite the challenge to finish.

edited 10/16/12 to mention wings were not stiffened.

"But men must know, that in this theatre of man's life it is reserved only for God and angels to be lookers on." Francis Bacon 

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