Home again

We are home again after spending a week vacationing in Colorado.  I now have a better Internet connection.  Oh, happy day!

We spent the week in the same area we did last year, close to Buena Vista.  There is still a lot of things we haven't done there, but we had a lot of fun checking a few things off our list of things to do.  

We went back through St. Elmo and this time went all the way over Tin Cup pass (we didn't make it last time). We stopped in St. Elmo for a few minutes to see what had changed since last year and to take a few pictures. The post office in this picture is a good example of the state of most of the buildings in the town.

Me tatting in front of the St. Elmo post office, elevation 10,006 feet (3050 m)

Jay seen flitting around St. Elmo.

Can you believe I actually caught this guy sitting still long enough to get his picture?  I just got lucky.

Flying chipmunk

The chipmunks were unhappy with us that we didn't give them any seeds.  They would come right up to you in search of them.  One even climbed part way up my leg (it's an odd feeling!) I was snap-happy with my camera and was able to catch this guy jumping from one rock to another. 

Aspens at St. Elmo

We came up a week earlier this year than last and weren't sure we'd see any of the Aspens in their fall colors, but they were just starting to change while we were there.  Here you can see that some have changed while others are still completely green.  You can see some of the color change on the mountain side in the distance, too. 

We spent a lot of our vacation in a jeep going up and down mountains.  The roads are not conducive to tatting while in the car!  I was able to get some tatting done but very little.  I'll share some of what I worked on later.

Deer in someones yard in Buena Vista.

We saw more wildlife out in the mountains this time than we did last year but, like last year, most of the deer were seen in Buena Vista.  They have become quite the pests.  This lovely buck was seen in the front yard of a house, along with four other bucks and three does.  You have to be at least as careful driving through town as you do out of town so as not to hit them. 

I had a cup of Refresh tea yesterday for Tatting Tea Tuesday, but due to life's twists and turns was not able to post.  I'm hoping that next week I'll actually get to post on Tuesday!

We had a wonderful vacation and are sad it's over and we have to return to our normal life, which includes working, though I am glad to have a normal Internet connection.  It is (very) likely that I will be sharing more vacation pictures next time :-)

"I travel not to go anywhere, but to go.  I travel for travel's sake.  The great affair is to move."
Robert Louis Stevenson 
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