Museum Stop Part 2

Now, back to Roebke Memorial Museum in Holton, Kansas...

They certainly justified the theme of "A Lacy Christmas" - there was lace and textiles of many types throughout the house. One of the front rooms showcased the work of one woman, Evelyn DeGraw.

Isn't this display amazing? And this is only part of it!

These items were donated by the woman who lived across the street from the Roebke house The entire room was of Evelyn's work.

December 26, the day we stopped by, they had three demonstrators in: a spinner, a weaver and a quilter.

This is Marty Mavrovich, spinning llama fiber as sock yarn. She likes to use as much local fiber to spin with as she can. She didn't buy her spinning wheel new but thinks it's either German or Canadian made. She made this look easy, but somehow I think that's because she's been doing it awhile.

This is Barbara Beyer weaving on her 8 shaft table loom. It can be converted to a floor loom if she needs it to be. This loom is from New Zealand. She was working on a tunic/vest similar to the one in the magazine behind her (which I didn't take a picture of...).

Here is Donna Tudor hand-quilting a baby blanket. She likes to keep one or two on hand for new arrivals as they take a little while to finish. Her work is lovely. I hardly sew at all but I can appreciate the skill that it takes to do this.

These ladies were fun to talk to. It's not often I get to talk to people who enjoy their craft like this, even though each of us had a different one. But I'm such a bad reporter that I forgot to ask where they were from!

I even got to take out my shuttles and sat with them for awhile.

Somehow I don't think I'd pass as a Victorian lady, do you? I very much enjoyed my visit with these ladies and Margaret Utes.

I'm not sure if you can tell, but we were in the kitchen of the house. Miss Doris Roebke lived in the house after her parents so it was modernized as all lived-in house are sure to be. It was interesting to see some of the older furniture next to the older.
Upstairs the bedrooms were also decked out in Victorian style.
This room was done up as a child's room.
In the hall upstairs there was a display of embroidery. Lovely pillowcases here. On one of the beds there was an cover/quilt with a lot of embroidery, also.

These lovely creations were the graduation dresses of the three Roebke daughters. Can you imagine wearing one of these? Just wearing one of these would make you want to act like a lady.

I put a lot of pictures in today but there is so much more there to see. On another of our trips to or from Omaha we'll have to stop in again.

Today for Tatting Tea Tuesday I tried Candy Cane Lane tea, made with peppermint. It is yummy! Didn't get much time to tat today, but it's not over yet.

Wishing all of you a wonderful Advent season.

"The advent of our God
Shall be our theme for prayer
Come let us meet him on the road
And place for him prepare"

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