Autumn is here

We had a hard frost this week. One morning we went outside and the yards and sidewalks were covered in leaves that had fallen, a golden blanket instead of shadows under the trees. I wish I could have captured it all: the bright blue sky, the crispness in the air, the colors all around. What a treasure this would be, to take out and enjoy during the cold days of winter or the hot days of summer. But, alas, this it not something you can bottle, or even capture completely in a picture. Like love and butterflies it is best enjoyed in the moment, without expectation, savoring whatever time it shares with you.

We didn't expect to have pretty tree colors this fall due to the extremely hot and dry weather we experienced this summer, but I have been pleasantly surprised by as much color as we've had. Many trees are past the pretty stage by now, and sadly I haven't taken the time to capture much with my camera. Some days I hardly notice what's going on outside until we step out to go to work, which doesn't leave much time to enjoy it.

I have gotten enough into enjoying the season to tat a few of theses leaves in autumn colors. They are Maple Leaf Motif from the February 1975 Workbasket magazine, with changes by Tammy Rodgers. One is made with Lizbeth #169 Autumn Apple Pie and #670 Victorian Red, both in size 40; the other is in Victorian Red only, still in size 40. I'm planning on making one more in Autumn Apple Pie only, too. I think they will make a nice set.

On the way home from work the other day I was able to watch the sunset, which doesn't happen that often as I usually work second shift. The sky was amazing. I finally stopped and took this picture with my phone, though I really, really wished I had my camera. The temperatures and winds way up high must have been perfect for making contrails, they were all over, going every which way and staying visible for quite some time. I can't ever remember seeing to many at one time. The sunset was awesome. By the time I got home is was getting too dark and I would have had to drive a bit to get a good view. But it was great while it lasted.

"Autumn is a second spring, where every leaf's a flower"
Albert Camus

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