While on vacation in Buena Vista, Colorado, I stopped into a shop called Bev's Stitchery. It has a lot of quilting things in it, but also threads and patterns and such for crochet, knitting and tatting (even a couple of colors of Lizbeth thread). She didn't have a lot of tatting books, but she had this one, which I didn't have (but do now) by Karen Lindsay. What really caught my eye was the witch. I'm not going to have time to try it this year, but Halloween comes every year so I'll have another chance later. I don't have any of her other books and haven't tried any of these patterns yet. She has them diagrammed and written out. There are several cute patterns in here beside the witch that I would like to try and their seasons are coming. This find, as well as the shop I found it in, was a nice surprise.

Over at InTatters they have a challenge going on with the "Yes-U
-Can" doily. The challenge is to tat the doily that is stamped on a can lid with nothing else to go by. A nice challenge, and I'm sure that there will be as many different patterns tatted as their are people who try it, each person with their own vision of it. I decided to try - though I really don't have time. Mine is done in brown #692 and gold #611 Lizbeth thread, size 20. I've made several miscalculations that I didn't go back and fix, and it's not as neat as I would like *blushes in embarrassment*. But I'm doing this instead of several other things that have a time limit (the challenge doesn't) so it will be what it is. I can go back and do it again the right way another time.

This is day 7 (I think) and the first picture I've taken

of it. Once I got started it was kind of hard to put it down. This was blocked a little after the fourth round of individual motifs and then stuck in my bag as I took it with me everywhere. I think the count is close but after the final blocking I'll look it over and evaluate it for that type of thing for when I want to make it again.
(I'm taking a page out of Diane's book, using my computer as a background. I didn't have anything else handy that showed it off very well.)

I'm drinking a cup of Refresh mint tea for this morning's Tatting Tea Tuesday. As soon as I get a few minutes I'll be back at the doily - though my mind will be working on some of my other projects:)

I'll be having a giveaway for my blogaversary this month. If your interested check back next week to find out more about it.

"Chaotic action is preferable to orderly inaction." Will Rogers

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