TIme out for a party

I don't think I got any tatting done at all this week. We were go-hosts and planners for a 60th wedding anniversary, which took up a lot of time. My oldest daughter was such a huge help! She was great, putting together the flower arrangements and the slide show of 70+ years of the couples' lives, before and after they were together (there weren't many before years!) My sister-in-law planned the dinner and arranged for the cake. Then there were different family members that jumped in and helped where needed, from serving the cake and punch to changing the tables for the reception after the meal. It was a great day, full of lots of wonderful friends and family, and the most important part was the anniversary couple were happy about everything!

Then on Sunday, for Father's Day, we were invited to our daughter's house, where our son-in-law grilled dinner for us, our other daughter's family, his folks and his brother's family. It was hot but a lot of fun. And the food was delicious! We got to watch the grandsons play in the blowup pool and run around being boys. It was another great day.

By the time we got home Sunday night we were tired out! Then there was more running around on Monday. I gotta say, today I'm doing very little. The housework that got ignored for two weeks can just be ignored another day (or two).

Bookmarks made for my husband
With no tatting done I was commenting to my husband that I didn't have anything for pictures today. Being the sweetie that he is, he got together several bookmarks I've made him and took pictures for me. He didn't want me to stress or worry it, and likes to make me happy. I think he's a keeper, don't you?

Today for Tatting Tea Tuesday I'm drinking iced green tea again, but this time with a squirt of MIO Strawberry Watermelon. I was a little leery about trying this combination but it tastes pretty good! The actual tatting will come a little later, but there will be tatting!

"My idea of housework is to sweep the room with a glance."

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