Dragon visit and snow

This is Crosby, another Flying Minor Norwegian Dragon (as designated by Anne Bruvold). He stopped by to say "hi" to Jarek but didn't stay long. He found a couple of frames he liked and tried them out. He liked the first one but decided it just wasn't "him".
He liked this one a lot better. He thought it went better with his coloring (black and #147, Lizbeth) and he liked that it was a map.
Crosby was on his way to help my boss celebrate his birthday. He let me take a few pictures then continued on his way. He did let slip there might be a few more flying through in the not too distant future.

Well, the 2011 TIAS by Jane Eborall is over - or at least she's published the final day of the pattern. If you've started and aren't done it's not too late to finish and let her know about it. I think she surprised just about everybody by not making it some kind of critter. It turned out to be an airplane! It was a lot of fun to make and not too hard to follow, if, of course, you read it correctly! I made a couple of mistakes, most of which I fixed. On the first wing I switched shuttles where I shouldn't have so just repeated that on the other wing. I think it looks just fine. I might just have to go back and finish Norman from last year now! And of course wait until next year for the new one.

I've been drinking a lot of tea on this Tatting Tea Tuesday, 'Cinnamon Apple Spice' and 'Black Cherry Berry', both by Celestial Seasonings, very yummy! I'm drinking so much mainly because it's snowing again, and this time we're actually getting a lot, at least for this area. We have drifts all the way down our drive that were 10 to 15 inches deep. That was several hours ago and it's still snowing hard. My husband and I decided to take vacation today, which is good. I'm not sure we'd have made it out the drive when it was time for work and I really doubt we'd be able to get back in when we got home. We did make it out awhile this morning, before the drifts got so high. I thought I would share a few of them with you.
This is the water tower in a town about 15 miles away. I tried to take a picture of a water tower in another little town on the way home but you couldn't make it out because of the snow!

We saw these horses on our way to town.

These are turkeys we happened to see when we went to town. I don't think very many people had noticed them even though they were close to the road and we were still in town. They did get a bit nervous when we stopped to take their picture.

We don't get snow like this very often around here.We think a lot of snow is maybe 2 or 3 inches so we aren't really prepared when we get this much. And it's not over yet! I think I'll sit here inside, sip my tea and tat a bit.

And give a little thought to: What do you call a group of dragons?

Maybe as they're tatted it should be a Ring of Dragons?
Some names I found on-line
Westerns: Rage
Easterns: Tatsu
Furs: Clan
Wyverns: Wing
Lizardus: Lounge
Dinos: Pack
Pteros: Flight
Felis: Pride
Darks: Dignity
(A Dignity of Darks... Has a nice ring to it!)

Weyr: Foxed used this for her Seahorse Dragons

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