I'm a little slow getting this Tatting Tea Tuesday post going, but I've definitely been drinking tea - lots and lots of plain ol' green tea. Hot tea has a soothing effect on my sore throat. Yes, I have the dreaded cold. It's hard to get motivated, or even get my brain to concentrate on anything. Not that there hasn't been tatting, just slowly, and some by others.

Others, as in Wendy from Umi & Tsuru and Fox from tat-ology. Both volunteered to tat my Design-Tat homework motif "Elcie". Check these out:

"Elcie" tatted by Wendy with long picots. Quite a different look.

And "Elcie" tatted by Wendy with shorter picots.

This is how Fox tatted it. Isn't it nice in red?

What is kind of funny is I had just finished tatting Fox's "Abigail" when she sent me the picture of "Elcie". So I had to show Fox how I had done her "Abigail"
"Abigail" design by Fox
tatted by Wanda

In Red! :)

Thank you both for testing out the pattern for me!

The only other thing I've done this last week is this bookmark. It is suggested practice of crossed picots from "Advanced Tatting Patterns +" by Judi Banashek. I definitely need to work on them! Its done in Lizbeth #142 in size 20.
Well, that's all folks! It has taken me all day to write this much. Hopefully I'll feel better next week and do a little better job.

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