2010 is almost over

Can you believe the year is almost over? It's been such a busy year it hardly seems possible.

I look back over the year and think of all places I went, the new things I've tried,
and the people I've met - I must say it was a year well spent. We went on several great trips, both with family and by ourselves, and made wonderful memories. I learned
several new tatting techniques that will open up all kinds of possibilities for
projects this next year. I met some great people in the travels I made this year as well as
locally and on-line, people I hope to keep in touch with in the years to come.

The last week I did some tatting, some right up to Christmas Eve, but then the projects were done or they weren't and it was time to enjoy family and friends. We had
great get-togethers with both sides of our families (the in-laws and the out-laws, LOL!) and
still have one to go. It has been a wonderful holiday season.

I did want to share one more gift I received from my Advent swap partner. She really
spoiled me this year.

Check it out - she sent me Yarnplayer's Layered Ring Christmas Tree pattern! I was thinking about getting this but hadn't yet taken the time to order. She also sent me a tension-adjusting
tatting shuttle! (I haven't tried it yet, but I will soon!) It came in a cute little tin. There was
also a beautiful beaded tree ornament that she made - very nice, very sparkly! Her
son had her include someSpongeBob Squarepants candy books for my grandsons and their families and one for us, too. And a large ball of size 30 white thread. She was very

I hope all of you have had a wonderful Christmas this year. And may your New Year be filled with wonder and joy!

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