Odds and Ends

During our trip to Colorado I did tat a little bit - I made another bookmark, a variation of the one I did a couple of weeks ago. This was done mostly while driving and with a few trials of different ways to achieve the same end. I don't know if it's just the color combination or the different things I tried, but the chains don't quite look right. Of course I noticed that the most while I was blocking it, otherwise I like how it turned out. It's made in Lizbeth Caribbean and black size 20.

State Fair
I did mention that I had a few more fair pictures.

This is the butter sculpture. There were so many people looking at it that it was hard to get close enough to see it let alone take a picture; I hope you can make them out. Amazing what someone can do with butter!

My grandson really enjoyed the goats. He kept trying to give them hugs and kisses.

There was a remote controlled robot named Oscar talking to people and keeping everyone laughing. I don't know where the person was who controlled him, but Oscar commented on the people around him and moved around interacting with the crowd. My grandson thought Oscar was great until we got him up close, then it wasn't fun any more.

I thought this was definitely the winner of the fair!

Surprise in the sky
We were on the way to work Friday and saw what at first we thought were some odd looking clouds. And then we realized they weren't clouds.

The Thunderbirds were going to be at the air show at McConnell Air Force base open house on Saturday and Sunday and we were seeing their practice.

We kept an eye on the sky all the way from Newton to Wichita, about 25 miles, and saw quite the show, even from that distance. We weren't going to be able to go to the show but we got to enjoy a bit of it anyway.

Tatting Tea Tuesday
I'm enjoying Tazo Refresh tea today. It is refreshing on this cool, fall morning. My tatting today is what it's been for the last week, a project inspired by the bed and breakfast we stayed in while we were in Leadville. I've been so excited about it that I've spent almost all my time working on it. The house definitely looks like it, too - I really need to get up and take care of it. But I'd really rather be tatting!

May all of you have a wonderful week with a little tea and tatting in it!

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