Trying New Bookmarks

I've been getting quite a bit of tatting done this week but there's not a lot I want to share today. Most of what's been made is unfinished due to lack of time. I did make a couple of bookmarks. I'm not exactly happy with them but they have potential.

The one on the left I started at break at work for a challenge on The Tatting Forums, which is to make one bookmark a month. I didn't have a pattern and didn't think what I was doing completely through - it didn't come out quite the way it was supposed to: ( It looks a little unfinished, don't you think?

The one on the right was another thought, one that pretty much did come out the way I thought it would. It's a pain to make, though! I did make a few decisions in mid-stream, which is obvious by the couple of ugly rings: p If I make this again I'll do a few things a little different, and maybe add a tail or something. Both bookmarks are made in Lizbeth #682, size 20.

I also started on a butterfly this week for a friend of mine. The prototype has been made and decisions mad e of changes I would like to see when I make it again. The prototype looks very plain as it was made in ecru size 30 because I had two shuttles already wound with it. Size 30 is definitely too small for what I have in mind for this piece. The next time I plan to make it in Lizbeth Caribbean in size 20 and use beads. I'm not very proficient with beads, but practice makes perfect, right?

I don't know how much tatting I'll be getting done this week. I have to work some very different hours during the week. And my daughter and her son from Washington D.C. are here for a week! Yippee! We're going to try to get together with our other daughter and her family as much as possible this week, too. Both grandsons together - it's going to be fun!

Hope everyone has a wonderful week this week!

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