Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day!
Can you believe it's February 14th already? It seems like it was New Year's Day just last week.

To celebrate this day of hearts I'm sharing the heart pin I wear when I do demonstrations or have a booth at craft shows. It has an edging in red and green DMC size 10 that I started and didn't like how it turned out. It got thrown in a box until I thought to use it for this. The shuttle is actually half a Susan Bates shuttle that came apart. Then I glued a heart charm to the center to add a little accent. It makes a very nice accessory when I'm out sharing tatting with the world - or at least the local community.

I don't think I picked up a shuttle at all this week. Between a lot of overtime at work and not feeling so good, I wasn't motivated at all to do much of anything, not even tat. We did get a chance to watch our grandson this Tuesday, which it one reason I didn't post for Tatting Tea Tuesday. Some things are more important than others : )

I've decided that I may have to come up with one or two small projects to do to get me back in the groove. Something that gives a little instant gratification. It's not that I don't like the projects I have in line, but all of them are not that easy to take with me, and I do a lot of tatting away from home. If I can get started on something maybe in a few days I'll have something new to share. We can hope, right?

I've also not had much time to get online, so I am way behind on seeing what everyone is doing. I've also had some trouble responding to some of the comments from last week. Every time I had a few comments typed, I'd get kicked out with nothing saved. I do appreciate all the comments, and I will respond, soon, I promise!

I hope all of you have a wonderful Valentine's day with the one who is closest to you. Maybe share a little chocolate...

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