Tea, TIAS and a Surprise

Welcome to Tatting Tea Tuesday!

Okay, I'm a little late in the day posting, but I made it! We had a lot of running around to do today and I didn't get much chance at the computer 'til late. While we were out I had to wait on my husband for a short time so I was able to get a little tatting done. It wasn't on any of my current projects - they are a little hard to take with me at the moment. I'll probably find time to finish it soon, so will post about it next time.

So, how many of you are doing Jane Eborall's TIAS? Isn't' it fun? If there are any of you out there that are not participating because you're not sure what it's about, check out her blog and give it a try! It's a lot of fun. And you'll be tatting it together with a lot of other people, so you can see how everyone is doing. These two pictures are of my Day 2 and Day 3. Day 3 looks HUGE compared to Day 2, but they are in the same size thread. I scanned these on two different scanners, one I'm familiar with, the other is new to me. I didn't realize just how it would come out! The one on the left is made with Lizbeth size 20 in Caribbean - and it's actually both Day 1 and Day 2 together - and the one on the right is in Victorian Red, Lizbeth. I have no idea how these will eventually go together or what the end result is going to be!

And what is the surprise I mentioned in the title? Well...

A couple of days ago I found an envelope in the mail with a lot of foreign stamps on it. ???? It was quite intriguing. Upon opening it I found a Christmas card and this beautiful snowflake! Isn't it great? It's from Trayna, who won my blogoversary give-away.

Thank you, Trayna, this is lovely!

I took it to work to show everyone there and got into a little discussion with my boss about if this is a snowflake or a star. I insisted it is a snowflake, he thinks it's a star. We left it that it's very pretty, which-ever it is!

I have made some progress on our Pastor's table runner. It's slow going, basically because I only have a general picture in my head on how it's going look when it's done. And then I change my mind every once in awhile, which doesn't help. But I finally like where it's headed. Now, if I can just find time to work on it! I have to work on it at home, so that slows me down a bit. Small projects like snowflakes and bookmarks are so much easier to finish because they can be taken almost anywhere with me. A ring and chain here, a few more there, and it's done before you know it. *Sigh* But this will get done, eventually!

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