More Bookmarks

I'm still working on bookmarks. I've made several for the InTatters bookmark exchange, looking for just the right one for my exchange partner.

I like this one but it's kinda dark. It's made with DMC Pearle Cotton size 8 in color #115. The pattern is mine from several years ago. The top tassel is new. I just wasn't happy enough with it to want to send it for the exchange.

So I tried another one.

This blue bookmark is new, something I came up with in my search for the perfect bookmark. It is also made with DMC Pearle Cotton size 8 in a variegated blue. I really like this one but I messed up on the tassel and it has a kink in it. Aggravation!

But my daughter really likes it so I gave it to her. I'm definitely going to do this one again.

I'm working on what I hope to be the bookmark I'm going to send to Australia to my exchange partner. So far, so good. Which ever one I end up choosing I'll post after she receives it.

Things are finally settling down on the home front with the family but my husband and I were informed at work to not expect any weekends off until August!!!! We may get Memorial Day off, not sure of the weekend, but 4th of July is in question.

I'm glad I have a job but I'd also like a life! It is going to be a long summer.

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