Little angels and booties

Here are my little angels! Aren't they sweet? They are being held by their mothers, Lacey with Mercutio on the left and Shay with Hunter on the right.

And finally, the booties! This is Mercutio wearing his just before church started. They turned out well and stayed on their feet - at least for a little while. I think both boys ended up wearing only one during the baptism, but you couldn't see them anyway. But I knew they were there!
I crocheted the tie for them but added a little tatting to the ends, both to keep them threaded and to distinguish the two pairs. One pair had two rings on the end of each tie and one pair had a single ring.
The boys were very cute and actually got through all the excitement very well. Mercutio actually went to sleep and slept through the whole thing. Even getting his head wet only made him open his eyes a moment then he went back to sleep. Hunter wanted to fuss a little, but Mom's finger did a good job of pacifying him for a while.
Several people joked that the boys will hate these pictures when they're older, but I think they looked more like cherubs than little girls. Maybe I'll have sepia toned pictures made so they look older, antique even.
Mercutio's other grandmother was unable to come, so we taped the whole thing. I'll be getting the DVD off in the mail tomorrow. I did loose track a couple of times, watching the boys instead of what I was doing, but not bad for an amateur.
And now, life returns to normal - or what passes for that at our house. On to other tatting projects!

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