Thursday, April 28, 2016

Lace in the dust

In an earlier post I mentioned we are remodeling our kitchen.  As you can imagine, it is a dusty process. There is dust everywhere! It gets into everything!

A couple of days ago I was looking for something in a drawer in the living room and found something unexpected.  I wasn't even sure what it was at first glance because I couldn't think of anything I had that looked like it.

This is a glasses case.  There was a hanky with a tatted edging laying across it in the drawer.  The dust infiltrated the drawer and left a lovely pattern in dust on the case.  It's amazing how disappointed I am that I messed up the pattern when I picked up the case.

Dusty tatted lace - dust left an impression on a glass case.  The tatted edging of a hanky echoed in the dust.

The good news is that the kitchen is almost done.  We can actually start cleaning up some of the dust, as most of that work is about over.  The contractor is putting the finishing touches on.  I may have my kitchen done by the weekend!  The background in the picture is my new kitchen counter.  Isn't it pretty?

I've been working on the pattern for the Medallion Cross bookmark.  I want to review it a bit before I post it but I'm hoping to have it ready in a couple of days.

"An idea can turn to dust or magic, depending on the talent that rubs against it."
William Bernbach

Friday, April 15, 2016

Eenie, meenie, meinie, moe

Two tatted Medallion Cross Bookmarks on
Medallion Cross Bookmarks © Wanda Salmans 2016
in Lizbeth #122 Caribbean size 20

I shared this bookmark a few weeks ago. 
Original tatted Medallion Cross Bookmark on
Medallion Cross Bookmark © Wanda Salmans 2016

This is how I made it originally.  Well, not quite, but almost. After looking at this picture I thought there must be a way to make the medallion center look a little better. For the last several weeks I've thought about it and tried a couple of different things.

Tatted Medallion Cross Bookmark version 2 on
Medallion Cross Bookmark v2© Wanda Salmans 2016

This version has several changes.  In this one the chains are joined at the arms to make it a bit less likely to twist.  The long, bottom arm is also made with one ring at the top of it instead of two.  The picot count has been reduced making it less frilly.  It came out pretty well, but is it the way to leave it?  Maybe the long arm should be a bit thinner?

Tatted Medallion Cross Bookmark version 3 on

Medallion Cross Bookmark v3© Wanda Salmans 2016

Version three is the same as v2 except for the long arm.  It was made a bit skinnier by making the ring and joins between the sides a little different.  Not bad, but good enough? Is this the way to leave it and write the pattern?

The chains are joined at the arms where they weren't before and now both of these versions cup slightly.  In a book they would probably soon loose the cup and wouldn't be noticed, but it's not pleasing.  Looking at the picture of the original it's obvious that the way the chains were modified changes the look of the medallion more than planned. Maybe the chain stitch count needs to be altered back to how it was.

Hmm.  What do you think?
Which version should make it to the pattern page?

"Eenie, meenie, meinie, moe
Catch a tatter by the toe
If she hollers make her tat
Rings and chains to make a mat
My mother told me to pick the very best one
and you are not it!"

Children's choosing game -
modified :-)

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

A short edging

Short edging in Rainbow Splash on
A short edging in Lizbeth #184 Rainbow Splash size 20

 I have an aunt that is currently in assisted living while undergoing rehab after surgery.  Outside of every room in the facility is a shadow box with glass shelves.  The shadow boxes for those people that are there for long term care usually have quite a few things in them, from pictures to miniatures to postcards and such. My aunt is not expected to be there for a long term but it does look sad to have the shadow box empty.  My mother has been finding cat miniatures at garage sales to put in my aunt's box to give it a happier appearance.

I kept thinking her box needed a little tatting.  While I was visiting the week before Easter I showed her what colors I had with me and offered to make an edging for her box.  She chose Rainbow Splash.

I envisioned doing something quick and easy that would hang over the edge of a shelf.  That is what developed but not quite as I saw it in my mind's eye.  

Then there was the problem of attaching it to the shelf.  At first I thought I would use sewing thread to go around and around the shelf, attaching to the edging as I went.  I thought it wouldn't be too noticeable.  But that didn't work at all.  My husband suggested gluing it to the glass.  As I happened to have a glue stick with me I gave it a try.  It worked great.  As it's just a regular glue stick the edging should come off easily when she goes home.  The glass should clean off easily as well.

My aunt is very happy with the edging.  She makes sure she mentions it to whom-ever is assisting her as they come and go to her room.

I wanted to get the edging done by Easter - which I did - so pretty much went with the original idea.  There are a few things I want to change the next time which should make it hang nicer without twisting.  I think the edging came out well for a 'quickie'.

"Have no fear of perfection - you'll never reach it."
Salvador Dali

Friday, April 1, 2016

International Tatting Day 2016

I had a lot of fun today celebrating International Tatting Day. 

Becky, Sherry, and me at Montana Mike's Steakhouse
( I should have moved over with the others so the window wasn't directly behind us)
Had lunch with two ladies that are my students.  We get together once a month to tat and this month it was in public with tatting and chocolate.  I brought Hershey's kisses in several varieties, something for everyone.

Becky and Sherry

I put the tatted buttons I've been working on in a teacup. The other teacup has the chocolate.  I also had a candy bowl with several shuttles wound with a yard of size 10 red thread and card stock wrapped with 2 yards of size 10 white thread.  These were to be given away if anyone was interested in trying and wanted them.  I demonstrated for one interested person but she didn't take a shuttle.  We had several people stop and ask questions about what we were doing and were very impressed.  No-one turned down the buttons when offered one. 

Sherry was having a little trouble and Becky helped her out.  Nothing ensures you know what your doing as much as having to demonstrate and help someone else. 

I  think I gave out about 10 buttons while we were out today.  At work I gave out the other 15 I had, along with a Hershey kiss. 

I guess I need to make more buttons :-)

I hope all of you enjoyed International Tatting Day where-ever you were.  

Keep Calm
Tat On

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Eggs, blooms, smoke and snow

I had a chance to decorate Easter eggs this week.  Nothing elaborate, but fun.

Decorated Easter eggs

We didn't cook any eggs to color this year.  They have eggs at the store that look almost real, and all you have to do is decorate.  My daughter bought two dozen white ones for the kids to decorate.  I thought I was picking up the same thing except colored, ready for stickers or coloring. 

They were chalkboard eggs.  They even came with a package of chalk.

Decorating Easter eggs

I used colored pencils instead.  Along with a bit of tatting, of course.

I had a lot of fun with these though I only finished three eggs.  I guess I have some to work on for next year.

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned how many of the ornamental pear trees were blooming.  There are a few of those still pretty though most have greened to leaves now.  But the Flowering Crab Apple and Redbud trees are now in full bloom.

Decorating Easter eggs

In the last week or so there was a hard freeze but it doesn't look like it did a lot of damage.  Well, I don't have a garden or fruit trees so I could be wrong, but there are a lot of trees and flowers still blooming.

Blooming crab apple tree and statue

This is a Flowering Crab Apple tree in my daughter's yard and it is beautiful!

The sky has been other than blue over the last week.  There have been several large wild fires in the state that created a lot of smokey skies and caused ash to fall miles from the fires.  The fires are very hard to contain when the wind is blowing 40+ miles an hour.

Smoky sunset

A smokey sunset seen from where I work in Wichita.  I missed being outside when all the ash was falling.

We finally got a little moisture Easter Sunday.  In the form of a beautiful snow fall.

Easter morning snow

The view from the bedroom window about 8:00 a.m. Easter morning.

Easter morning snow and blue sky

This was about an hour later.  Check out that blue, blue sky!
It was a perfect snow.  The roads were clear, the snow only lasted for the day and it was perfect for making snow balls. It did mean that the grandchildren had their egg hunt in the house, but they didn't seem to mind too much.

This Friday, April 1st, is International Tatting Day.  The two ladies I get together to tat with, my sister, and I are planning to be at the Montana Mike's Steak House in McPherson for lunch.  We'll have our tatting and chocolate out and I know we'll be having a great time.  If there is anyone in the neighborhood that would like to join us there you would be quite welcome!  We plan on getting there about 11:30 a.m. and taking a long lunch.

What are your plans for ITD?

"If an egg is broken by an outside source, life ends.
If an egg is broken by an inside force, then life begins.
Great things happen from the inside."